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In The Field Of Industrial Lighting, What Does Green Lighting Mean?

Writer:Jane Time:2021-06-03 Browse:145

 Green lighting refers to the scientific lighting design, the use of high efficiency, long life, safety and stable performance of lighting electrical products (electric light source, lamp electrical accessories, lamps, western line equipment and dimming control equipment and light control devices). Improving people's working, learning, living conditions and quality, so as to create a high efficiency, environmental protection, safety, comfort and other four main indicators, indispensable. Energy-efficient means to consume less electricity to obtain enough lighting, so as to significantly reduce the emission of air pollutants from power plants, to achieve the purpose of environmental protection. Safe and comfortable means that the light is clear, soft and does not produce ultraviolet light. Glare is harmful to light and does not produce light pollution.

       The promotion of green lighting project is to gradually popularize green and efficient industrial lighting lamps to replace the traditional inefficient lighting source. Lighting energy saving is an important part of green lighting project, but must ensure that there is enough lighting illumination and quality of the premise, as far as possible to save lighting electricity, lighting energy saving is mainly through the use of efficient energy-saving lighting products, optimizing lighting design and other means to achieve the purpose of lighting energy saving.

      The necessary conditions for green lighting in the industrial field:
      1. Adopt high quality light source with high light efficiency, long life and high color rendering index;
      2. Scientific light distribution design and quality material selection of lamps and lanterns;
      3.Low power consumption of lighting electrical components and reactive power compensation design;
      4.Choose IP65 or above protection lamps and lighting accessories;
      5. Professional lighting design and scientific construction;
      6. Late maintenance and guarantee service.


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