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Industrial Lighting Fixture Type Function

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The role of industrial lighting lamps and lanterns has been not limited to lighting, but also the eyes of the home, more when it plays a decorative role. The choice of lamps and lanterns of this industry illumination is about to be more complex much, it involves safety to save electricity not only, and can involve a lot of factors such as grade of qualitative, kind, style. A good lamp is acted the role of, the possibility becomes the soul that decorate.

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Industrial lighting lamps and lanterns are composed of lighting source, lampshade and accessories.

1.Industrial lighting lamps are divided into decorative lamps and functional lamps according to their functions.
(1) Decorative lamps and lanterns are made up of decorative parts and lighting sources. In addition to proper consideration of lighting efficiency and prevention of glare and other requirements, they mainly meet the needs of architectural art with beautiful appearance.
(2) The function of the lamp is to redistribute the light source in the light pass, improve the use efficiency of light and avoid glare, create a suitable light environment. For special lamps and lanterns used in the environment of moisture, corrosion, explosive and flammable,  the lampshade also plays the role of isolation and protection.

2.Industrial lighting lamps and lanterns can be divided into indoor industrial lighting lamps and outdoor industrial lighting lamps and lanterns according to the place of use.
(1) Indoor industrial lighting lamps are usually classified according to the proportion of the total optical pass distribution in the upper hemisphere and the lower hemisphere of the space. International lighting committee suggests accordingly: industrial lighting lamps and lanterns are divided into direct, half direct, even diffusion, half indirect, indirect five kinds. The following table shows the light distribution and lighting characteristics of different types of lamps:
(2)Outdoor industrial lighting fixtures, mainly floodlights. The floodlamp, also known as the light projectile, is a strong light source by using a reflector, a mirror and a grille to restrict the light in a small solid Angle, which is often used for night lighting in large buildings.


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