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Explosion-Proof Flashlight Is Widely Used

Writer:Jane Time:2021-07-14 Browse:185

Explosion-proof flashlight is widely used. It plays a more and more important role in the chemical industry and other industries with gas environment with its unique explosion-proof advantage. In some harsh environments, the role of explosion-proof flashlight is highlighted. Explosion-proof flashlight waterproof anti-drop fully sealed design, high hardness alloy shell, and fall resistance to 10 meters height does not affect the function, high and low temperature resistance, high humidity performance is good.

Explosion-proof flashlight is a new lighting tool with light emitting diode as the light source. It has the advantages of energy saving, durability and strong brightness. The shell is marked with explosion-proof mark at obvious position. The general explosion-proof mark ExdIIBT4 GB can meet the requirements. If there is hydrogen, acetylene, carbon disulfide, you must choose the explosion-proof mark as EXDIICT.

Ordinary strong light flashlight can be used where explosion-proof flashlight can be used, and explosion-proof flashlight can not be used in the environment of ordinary strong light flashlight. This is the most important and direct difference.

Explosion-proof lamp refers to the dangerous place where combustible gas and dust exist, which can prevent the internal arc, spark and high temperature from ignites the combustible gas and dust in the surrounding environment, so as to meet the requirements of explosion-proof lamps and lanterns. Different combustible gas mixtures have different requirements on the explosion-proof grade and explosion-proof form of explosion-proof lamps. Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, aerospace, military industry, shipping, coal, tobacco, wine and other industries

Explosion-proof lamps are commonly used in oil depots, liquefied gas, natural gas stations and warehouses with inflammable, explosive goods, processing places and other places, its purpose is to prevent the bulb after the explosion of ignition, detonation. The distribution room generally does not need to use explosion-proof lights, in practice, it also needs to be determined according to the specific situation, such as the distribution room if it involves the storage of flammable and explosive items (normally is not allowed) or near the building, facilities storage of flammable and explosive (especially volatile flammable gas), it must also be set up explosion-proof lights.



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