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How To Choose High Quality Classroom Lighting Fixtures?

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How to choose high quality classroom lighting fixtures?
Nowadays, more and more students are myopic. One of the factors that affect students' eyesight is lighting. In order to protect students' eyes. Schools must pay attention to the layout of classroom lighting, the classroom lighting lamps should be how to choose?
     First choice should notice efficiency of lamps and lanterns
Lamp efficiency is the percentage of the total amount of light emitted by the luminaire as a percentage of the total amount of light emitted by all sources of the luminaire. It is one of the important parameters of energy saving in a lamp. The higher the efficiency of the lamp, the more effectively the lamp can use the light channel of the light source; Conversely, the lower the efficiency. The more energy is wasted. Therefore, managers should pay attention to reasonable collocation when choosing, so as to reduce energy use while ensuring children's comfort.
     It is the light matching shape of lamps and lanterns next
At present, the commonly used classroom lamps and lanterns are small grille lamps and large grille lamps. The light distribution shape of the general small grille lamps and lanterns is cosine light distribution. The biggest light intensity of this kind of lamps and lanterns is basically below the lamp, the light intensity that shoots to all around is very low, the part below the lamp is concentrated in the light. If you want to achieve the high illumination uniformity required by the standard, you can only increase the number of lamps used, otherwise there will be light and dark in the classroom, and the illumination uniformity will be low. The light distribution shape of lamps with large grille can be made into bat wing. These are to be considered according to the specific situation of the classroom, we should make a reasonable choice.
     Another is the glare quality of lamps and lanterns in the grade
Glare quality grade of lamps is classified according to the method of limit curve of luminance of lamps and lanterns in GBJ133 "Standard for Lighting Design of Civil Buildings". We conducted a glare quality grade test on the ordinary grille lamps used in the classroom. The test samples were 5 large grille lamps and 13 small grille lamps. We can see from the relationship between numbers. The glare quality of small grille lamps is generally better than that of large grille lamps. Small grille lamps and lanterns can generally be used in 500LXE illuminance ± 1000K, to reach grade A: and most of the large grille lamps and lanterns are only 300KX ≤ use illuminance < 500K or even lower, to reach grade A.
     The choice of lamps and lanterns for the children eyesight of ring is mainly manifested in the glare, so should be filtered to the glare of lamps and lanterns, followed by light distribution in the shape of a problem, depending on the specific situation of the classroom, finally will also consider the energy conservation and environmental protection problem of lamps and lanterns, on the premise of children strength without interference to save electric energy to the greatest extent.


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