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Application Of LED Industrial Lighting In Thermal Power Plant

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With the continuous rise of LED lighting, the application of LED lighting in thermal power plant lighting is more and more extensive.
The application of LEDA lighting lamps in thermal power plants can improve the working efficiency of production personnel, improve the working environment, and at the same time. It is of great significance to reduce the power consumption rate of power plants, reduce maintenance work and maintenance costs, and improve economic benefits.
      1.the use of high efficiency industrial lighting lamps and lanterns is the most important energy saving measures in the lighting design of power plants
      High efficiency, long life electric light source in the previous design of power plant has already started to use, such as high pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, fluorescent lamp, etc.. The electrical accessories used in these electric light sources, such as ballasts, starters, triggers and capacitors, all have high power consumption.
The energy consumption of general ballast generally accounts for 20%~310% of the energy consumption of the whole lamp. The commonly used ballast is generally divided into two categories: inductive ballast and electronic ballast. Inductive ballast is divided into traditional type and energy saving type. The advantages of traditional inductor ballast are: high reliability, low price, long life (more than 5 years); Its disadvantages are: large volume, heavy weight, its own power consumption, noise, light stroboscopic, etc.
The LED lighting is mainly composed of lamp bead, driving power supply and shell, with simple structure, low power consumption and maintenance free.
      2. the use of LED lighting can improve the quality of plant lighting
      Illuminance level mainly includes illuminance standard, illuminance average hook and spatial illuminance. The visual effect, comfortable visual environment, technical economy and energy saving should be taken into consideration when determining the illumination standard of power plant. Limiting glare and improving illumination comfort are also important factors to be considered in power plant lighting.
The illumination of LEDM lamp is significantly higher than that of metal halide lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, fluorescent lamp and other industrial lighting tools. The light efficiency of ordinary metal halide lamp is only 85im/w, while the light efficiency of LED lighting lamps can reach 120lmW ·. So LED dancing lamps can obviously provide power plant lighting quality.
LED lighting also has a significant ability to limit glare.
      3. In the long run, LED lighting fixtures have better economic benefits than traditional lamps and lanterns
      In the lighting transformation of power plant, we are in the process of transforming the metal halide lamp into LED lighting. Its economic benefits need to be taken into account. In the long run, the economic benefits of LED lamps are much better than those of traditional light sources such as metal halide lamps. If we use 125W LED lighting instead of 250W metal halide lamps, the lighting effect is better than 250W metal halide lamps, then in 5 years, we can save a lot of electricity costs.
The service life of 125WLED light source is longer than 250W metal halide lamp, and the maintenance cost is very low in the later period. There is no need to replace the light source and check and maintain external factors within 5 years. 250W metal halide lamp needs about 90,000 maintenance costs, but LED lighting slideshow can achieve maintenance free, basically no maintenance costs in the later stage.
Therefore, the installation and use of 125WLED will bring obvious economic benefits for a long time. At the same time of reducing the use cost, 125WLED light source is more energy saving and environmental protection than ordinary 250V metal halide lamp. In line with "green lighting. Low carbon life national development requirements.
      4. the conclusion
      Since the launch of "China Green Lighting Project" in China, other industries have taken the lead in implementing their own projects, and the electric power industry has also started to implement in some projects one after another, which has received attention from all sides. Through the above analysis and demonstration, the application of green lighting in thermal power plants is technically feasible, economically advantageous, and from the perspective of environmental protection is necessary.


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