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Explosion-Proof Flashlight Manufacturers Tell You That Explosion-Proof Flashlight Fever Hot Normal

Writer:Jane Time:2021-07-19 Browse:177

At present, the explosion-proof flashlight is mainly hot for the following three reasons:
1.A rechargeable lithium battery caused by failure

1) The battery 0 voltage will make the battery resistance becomes very large, charging will consume a lot of current, even your charger's current is not enough for it to consume.

2) After 0 voltage of the battery, the liquid inside the battery becomes dry. In the process of charging, the dry material reacts violently to emit heat.

3) After 0 voltage of the battery, there may be a micro-short circuit inside the electrode, which makes the battery self-discharge continuously and emit heat.

2.The design needs of light source heat dissipation
At present, the mainstream explosion-proof flashlight use CREE high-power light source, LED light source needs excellent heat dissipation, so as to ensure the high brightness and long life of the explosion-proof flashlight; Large current, high brightness need light source heat fast emission, resulting in explosion-proof flashlight heating hot.

3.The internal circuit short circuit
Explosion-proof flashlight in the use of the process, the barrel body hot belongs to a normal phenomenon, and the higher the brightness, the greater the heat bright; At the same time, regular explosion-proof torch heating hot are within the scope of the security, if the fever burning our hands to hold, should immediately stop using, ensure safety, selection should not blindly pursue brightness when buying at the same time, beyond the explosion-proof torch cooling limit will only reduce the user experience, easy to cause light burned, more serious may lead to explosion.

Generally in ordinary explosion-proof torch brightness when using fever is not obvious, but in the case of highlighting use it would be easy to feel hot, because of the realization of the function of highlighting need high power energy to drive, in high power drive at the same time, the LED will produce a certain quantity of heat, this is normal phenomenon, if continue to use highlight function, heat will to accumulate more more, And continue to spread out, so it will be obvious to feel the flashlight heating phenomenon.

The reason for the pursuit of low price blindly, in order to reduce the cost of explosion-proof flashlight, the choice of the poor quality of the circuit board driver, fake CREE light source, shell material, false label and refurbished battery will affect the heat of the explosion-proof flashlight, so it is recommended to buy explosion-proof flashlight to choose a regular manufacturer.


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