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Choose a Flashlight To Vary From Person To Person Is The Best

Writer:Jane Time:2021-07-17 Browse:194

There are many types of flashlights on the market, how to choose the right one? In fact, each flashlight has distinctive characteristics, the choice of flashlight should be based on your actual use situation above all, recognize which respect is the most important to you. If you are a police officer or a rescue team member, your first consideration may be the brightness of the flashlight and the ability to protect in a specific environment; If you are a fan of outdoor adventure sports, your first consideration may be weight and volume; If you're using it for general use, your first concern may be battery life and price.

Outdoor activities can not carry a large number of batteries, so try to choose a high-efficiency explosion-proof flashlight, to ensure that there is enough brightness and a long life. It is best to have a low bright range can reach more than a few dozen hours of strong light flashlight, in order to prepare in extreme cases can be continuous night lighting for more than a week.

Relative home, the first problem to solve in the flashlight is waterproof, soaked in shallow water (generally refers to 2 meters) can be used normally, of course, against rain is not words, in a sense, waterproof also belongs to the outdoor reliability of the content.

With the advent of multi-shift dimming technology, the brightness and battery life of the pair finally appear in the same LED flashlight. You can choose the best brightness for different purposes, such as camping, hiking, searching, and so on, while reasonably saving precious power. At the same time, the multi-speed dimming technology has also derived many auxiliary functions, such as SOS signal, which can send out the Morse code to rescue people in case of danger.

Easy to rechargeable batteries, preferably ones that can be recharged anywhere, even in small villages where there is electricity or in most cases the ideal battery with this feature is the 18650 rechargeable cycle battery

Outdoor sports on the lighting tool requirements are "available at any time", poor reliability of lighting tools, in the critical moment can not work is fatal, the most serious may lead to life danger. Therefore, high reliability is the most important principle when choosing LED outdoor lighting tools.

There is no guarantee of what will happen to you when you are outdoors in a complex environment, and it is dangerous to have a flashlight that is inadequate when you need high brightness lighting. Therefore, a high-light flashlight is a necessary lighting tool, especially for the exploration of unfamiliar sections of the road, the highest brightness of the flashlight is better than 200 lumens.

When the flashlight works, the brightness of the battery decreases with the consumption of energy, and the lighting effect gradually deteriorates. When the brightness drops to a certain degree, it can no longer provide appropriate lighting. Constant brightness technology solves this problem. Constant brightness technology can ignore changes in battery voltage and provide a nearly constant brightness most of the time.

To do as much as possible small size, light weight, carry out does not increase the weight, save physical energy, general personal outdoor flashlight best controlled within 220G. Of course, large area explosion-proof flashlights need to be different in weight and volume in brightness.

Therefore, we choose a flashlight to vary from person to person, due to the environment is different, the most appropriate is the best.


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