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Analysis Of Flameproof Led Flashlight Cooling Technology

Writer:Jane Time:2021-07-16 Browse:189

LED energy-saving lighting source is widely used in all fields, has been an important part in the lighting industry, all manufacturers have promoted LED lighting products, including our explosion-proof flashlight products if the explosion proves that the flashlight heat dissipation if it can not solve the problem, will significantly reduce the service life. Good flameproof LED flashlight housing has good heat dissipation and is designed into different structures and processes according to different conditions and different power, to ensure the safety of the explosion-proof and stable performance of the flashlight.

The most common heat sink this means aluminum heat sink as part of the housing program to add heat. When the plastic is injected with a heat-conducting material, the thermal conductivity of the plastic is added to dissipate heat. Can be used to look like a shell to do radiotherapy, thermal radiation approach can be taken out of the shell appearance for the brief application of radiation coating speak LED lamp shell. The shape of the shell can be used to create convective air, which is the lowest-cost way to enhance heat dissipation. Perhaps the shell interior reinforced with long time efficient fan cooling, low cost, very good. But the fan that is trouble, also not suitable for the field, is rare. Perhaps using a heat pipe, the heat from the LED chip to the shell cools the fin. This is the more obvious plan. Perhaps the use of liquid foam ball pack skills, will have a high thermal conductivity of liquid filling inside a light bulb lit. The reflection principle, which now only uses smooth heat transfer and cooling of the LED chip. Low power LED lamp, lamp interior space is typical of home type use, LED lamp shell drive circuit part or all into. So the metal appearance of the lamp radiator is greatly used as the screw base, because the lamp cap is tight with base metal electrodes and power cord. So heat can come from the radiator fin. The lamp shell radiator aims to reduce the temperature of the LED chip, because it leads to the expansion coefficient of the chip and we greatly use the thermal conductivity of metal, the heat dissipation coefficient of the material expansion, the LED chip can not be directly welded, in order to avoid high and low temperature thermal stress damage to the LED chip. The latest ceramic material has a high thermal conductivity close to the base and can adjust the swelling to synchronize with the LED chip. So you can have thermal conductivity, thermal integration, reduced heat transfer intermediation.

The above, is often used to maintain the LED lamp from overheating and burning methods can greatly improve the service life of that lamp, and then improve the power we use in the work.


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