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Explosion-Proof Flashlight Production Process

Writer:Jane Time:2021-07-14 Browse:184

Explosion-proof flashlight production is not in order, the following steps are parallel relationship, or sequence but not absolute.

The explosion-proof flashlight is mainly composed of the following parts: power supply (dry battery, rechargeable battery, manual charging), circuit board (LED driver circuit), LED lamp holder, light collector (reflector) switch, flashlight shell (battery cover, cylinder body, cylinder head with light mirror) and other accessories.

1. Explosion-proof flashlight tail production:
The working procedure in turn is: blanking, head, car tight fit, milling long hole, drilling, milling rope hole, car arc, burr removal.

2. Explosion-proof torch head production:
Process in turn for: blanking, head, inside the cone, car arc, deburring.

3. Explosion-proof torch barrel body:
The process is in turn: blanking, head, car tight match, tie groove, car surface, car thread, milling skylight, clear, burr.

4. Explosion-proof torch connection ring:
Processes in turn: car thread, car platform, milling fixed mouth, deburring.


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