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How Long Is The Service Life Of Led Track Light

Writer:Jane Time:2021-07-13 Browse:177

Theoretically speaking, the life of middle and high-end LED track light can reach more than 50000 hours, and even some can reach more than 80000 hours, but in practice it can not reach, after all, the service life of LED track light is easily disturbed by external factors.

The problem of light decline is unavoidable. High-quality LED ceiling light decline is weak, and low-end LED track light decline is more serious, but there is light decline. In the use process, with the passage of time, the brightness of LED track light will become weak, which is a very normal thing

Therefore, the following requirements should be paid attention to when purchasing LED track lights

1. The market is relatively high quality LED chips are: Philips, Korui and other first-line brands, Purui, Crystal and other second-line brands, San 'an LED chips, different chips, light quality is obviously different;

2. LED drive power supply, the cost of low-end drive power supply and high-end drive power supply is very different;

3. Shell material, mainly affect the heat dissipation performance of LED track light, and then affect the life of LED track light. High quality is very good in these three aspects.


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