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CNPC: Oil Depot Flood Control Work Fortified

Writer:Jane Time:2021-07-12 Browse:181

The hot dog days have arrived and there has been a marked increase in rainfall this year. Henan Zhongyuan Petroleum Tangyin Oil Depot in order to better do the flood control work, to be prepared, do a good job in advance of the preventive measures. The oil depot has set up the command and organization department on the site of flood control to further improve the emergency plan for flood control. The key parts such as the barreled warehouse, the oil tank area, and the high and low voltage power distribution room are taken as the key points for flood control. The personnel on duty are required to observe the rain conditions at all times and take measures as soon as danger is found.

Tangyin oil depot has formulated a series of emergency measures, one is to ensure the unimpeded drainage pipeline of oil depot. Usually to clean up the debris in the drainage ditch, when there is more than moderate rain, it is required to carry out on-site observation, so that there is no debris hanging blocking, to ensure smooth drainage. Second, do a good job in the emergency supplies reserve work. Now, adequate sandbags are in place. When it comes to heavy rain, sandbags should be stacked over each other when blocking the door to ensure no water leakage. Third, all kinds of flood control tools are ready. Such as pumping pumps, shovels, raincoats, strong light explosion-proof flashlights and other supplies are available for flood prevention. Fourth, carry out emergency drills for flood control. All staff should be mobilized for flood control, and emergency drills should be carried out in due time. They are determined to achieve no loss and no harm to people during the flood season, so as to put the flood control work into practice.


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