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How Does School Lighting Do Ability Professional

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If illuminating every family is the most happy dream of Xiaozhen; So bringing professional lighting solutions to every school and every classroom is the most thoughtful pursuit. The school needs to consider the function, safety, health and efficiency. It has been deeply engaged in the field of lighting for many years. Today, let's talk about how to do the school lighting professionally.
The classroom lighting
Illuminance requirement: - normally 300lux
Appropriate illumination makes people feel comfortable in physiology, especially let the eyes relaxed, protect students' eyesight, and improve students' learning efficiency.
Color temperature requirement: about 500OK
Neutral color temperature, keep the classroom quiet and dull, appropriate benefits. Color rendering requirement: RA >80
High color rendering makes the font clearer and the image more realistic. The blackboard lighting
Bright and clear, can distinguish the font and color on the blackboard, pay attention to the blackboard vertical illumination, uniformity, no glare. Illuminance requirement: - usually take 50Olux
High illumination can improve students' attention and make them concentrate on thinking. Color temperature requirement: about 5000K
Intermediate color temperature and the overall color temperature system of the classroom -- and coordination. Color rendering requirement: RA >80
Ss can clearly identify the main points written on the blackboard. Laboratory lighting
The laboratory is a place for students to conduct experiments. In addition to guaranteeing the basic illumination of the room to reach 30Olux, the local illumination of the experimental table should reach 5oolux to meet the needs of careful observation and recording of the operation experiment. If conditions permit, local key lighting can be added.
Color temperature requirement: about 500OK Color rendering requirement: RA >85


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