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LED Explosion-Proof Light Housing Quality

Writer:Jane Time:2021-06-26 Browse:170

Currently used LED explosion-proof lights are widely used in chemical industry, production workshop, gasoline stations, LPG stations, paper mills, spraying workshop, winery, polishing workshop, power plants and other industrial lighting, high-power LED explosion-proof lights mainly LED lamp bead and encapsulate integration chip, combined with lamps and lanterns of the shell structure and space for applicable requirements to customize, But the choice of LED explosion-proof light is to be cautious, especially in the choice of LED explosion-proof light model specifications is to pay attention to the size of the lamp power LED lamp shell size is closely combined, because the LED explosion-proof light temperature is high, the power of explosion-proof lamp naturally need a larger shell to achieve good effect of heat dissipation, The choice of maintenance-free LED explosion-proof light should be noted:

Material of the shell: most of the explosion-proof lamps are made of aluminum alloy. The surface of the shell should be sprayed with good plastic powder, because the surface of the good plastic powder is smooth and beautiful after spraying.

Shell explosion-proof grade: the higher the explosion-proof grade, the better the quality of the shell, this is certain. Good quality flameproof LED explosion-proof lights can reach Exd II CT6.

Whether waterproof, dustproof and anticorrosive: LED explosion-proof lights have explosion-proof grade, but some can also waterproof, dustproof and anticorrosive. Most of the LED explosion-proof light protection grade (waterproof and dustproof) can reach IP65. Good LED explosion-proof light can reach IP66, anti-corrosion grade to WF2, and ordinary LED explosion-proof light can only do WF1.

Shell thickness and weight: not because of cost savings, to reduce the thickness of LED explosion-proof light shell, because it is not responsible for the customer. LED explosion-proof light is used in flammable and explosive dangerous places, the thickness of the shell must meet the national standards


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