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LED Explosion-Proof Lamp Hot Spots To Solve The Problem

Writer:Jane Time:2021-06-25 Browse:175

Many customers in the purchase of products, will put forward some related questions, in order to ensure the quality of the products they buy. Today, I am here to answer a few questions that have been raised the most times, and I hope to be helpful to you.

1. How to install the LED explosion-proof lamp?
The installation steps of LED explosion-proof lamp can be divided into three parts: inspection before installation, installation and inspection acceptance after installation.

(1) inspection before installation: before the installation of explosion-proof lights, we must carefully check whether the specifications and models meet the use needs, and whether the accessories and wires required for installation are fully prepared;

(2) Installation: the installation of LED explosion-proof lights should be carried out by a professional certified electrician (in strict accordance with the installation steps);

(3) inspection and acceptance after installation: do not rush to put into use after the installation of LED explosion-proof lights. They must be carefully checked and accepted by professional acceptance agencies before they can be used normally. If problems are found in the acceptance process, they need to be corrected in time.

2. LED explosion-proof lamps in the purchase of how to avoid pit?
When you buy LED explosion-proof lights, some users should have encountered "pit", then we take a look at several of the most common "pit" to buy LED explosion-proof lights!

(1) the price is very low, but the quality is very poor, many bad businesses will seize the customer's psychology, the poor quality, poor performance of the explosion-proof lamp at a lower price to sell to customers. Customers buy back after the installation and use will find poor quality, repeated failures, not long will be discarded, this will only be more waste of money.

(2) there is no fault in the delivery time, especially for some customers who buy a large amount, the manufacturer promises to deliver the goods on the agreed date but breaks his word, although there is a certain penalty for breach of contract but affects our use of LED explosion-proof lights;

(3) The after-sales service is not good, the sales staff is very enthusiastic when buying some explosion-proof lights, but it is difficult for you to ask the manufacturer to solve the problem when you encounter problems in use. The customer can not get through the phone, and it may not be able to really solve the problem. In the end, you still have to pay someone to repair.

3. How to choose LED explosion-proof lights in places where a variety of dangerous goods are mixed?

In many cases, a place is not only a kind of flammable and explosive items, this time we how to correctly choose LED explosion-proof lamps and explosion-proof type? Be sure to purchase the highest explosion-proof lamps and types.

4. How to check and maintain the LED explosion-proof lamp?
The inspection and maintenance of LED explosion-proof lamps shall comply with the following points:

(1) first turn off the power supply, explosion-proof lamp inspection and maintenance should first turn off the power supply (to avoid accidental electric shock), and in advance planned maintenance time surface to the normal production and life;

(2) carefully check the various parts, especially the seals in the explosion-proof lights must pay special attention to check whether there is damage and so on, if found that the explosion-proof lights parts damage, aging should be reported and maintenance treatment in time, such as the need to replace the light source should be replaced and the original light source of the same brand and specifications;

(3) strictly observe the maintenance and maintenance procedures, the maintenance of explosion-proof lights should be carried out in accordance with the maintenance and maintenance manual (remind everyone not to simplify the maintenance steps, to avoid failure);

(4) Professional operation is very important. As a special lighting fixture, LED explosion-proof lamp maintenance must be operated by professionals.


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