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Orchids Are Better Nourished By Grow Light

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Because of the ornamental value and collection value of orchids, there are many people who plant orchids, but not many people who plant good ones. Orchid is a kind of delicate plant, a little attention may not be able to cause irreversible damage to its growth, no matter in temperature, moisture, soil, fertilizer, illumination and other requirements are very high.

Pleasant rain and afraid of flow, like run and afraid of wet. Said is orchids, orchids can not be too frequently watering, prevent water caused by root rot, dry soil when watering to water thoroughly, the air must also maintain a certain humidity.

When the orchid is growing, we should pay attention to the temperature of its growing environment. The appropriate temperature range is about 15℃-25℃. Orchids are neither cold nor high temperature resistance, if the temperature is too high, the growth rate of orchids will slow down, and then enter the dormant period, so in the summer should pay attention to the orchids in the shade, spring and autumn can be placed outdoors, winter is to be placed indoors.

Orchid is a kind of fertilizer - loving plant, and the requirement for soil is very high. It prefers to grow in fine soil with lots of rot and iron, which is well absorbent and permeable, with attention to soil fertility.

We find more wild orchids in the deep mountains, under trees or in shady places. Most orchids have astigmatism, so take care to shade properly in the summer and receive scattered light throughout the day in the spring and autumn.

But we should also pay attention to, if a long time of cool environment, insufficient light will also make orchids grow, diseases and insect pests, so if the light is weak in winter, you can use the plant light to properly fill the light for orchids. The plant light supplement lamp is specially designed for the plant light supplement, its principle is in line with the plant's demand for light and the growth principle, so it can be very good for the orchid light supplement, to meet its growth needs. (Content from the network, if infringement, please contact delete)


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