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Lighting Geomantic Omen Has Unexpected Effects

Writer:Jane Time:2021-06-22 Browse:161

1、 Lighting geomantic omen should pay attention to what problems?

1. The shape of strange lighting is not suitable
The modelling that the lamp acts the role of is beautiful with circle, square, the lamp with strange shape acts the role of can produce bad moral on geomantic, produce adverse effect to host.

2. Do not install chandeliers above the bed
Bed is above the chandelier, not only let the person sleeping in bed spirit is not easy to relax, will also form light evil spirit, let a person sleep bad, easy to cause neurasthenia and other diseases, women are easy to cause gynecological diseases.

3. Use red lights as little as possible
The red light makes a person easy generation be agitated, uneasy, nervous, unfavorable be in the home in use, especially the bedroom, had better not use more.

4. The number of lighting is odd
The number that the lamp acts the role of in living in with singular is beautiful, because the lamp is acted the role of basically play a role in the evening, the evening belongs to shade, lamplighting belongs to Yang, singular also is Yang, the masculine sex that acts the role of with the lamp will ease the negative of night, as far as possible Yin and Yang is gentle a few.

5. Different areas of the lighting to be different
The lamp of different area is acted the role of having different effect, also demand is different, such as "bright hall darkroom" pay attention to wait a moment, so the lamp is acted the role of also should distinguish somewhat.

2、 What geomantic effect does the lamp act the role of?

1. Increase your wealth
Yellow five elements belong to the soil, from the point of view of the five elements, native gold, yellow light has the effect of fortune. Yellow crystal itself has the energy that enlist slant money, of yellow crystal lamp enlist money prosperous money function is stronger, shine so the yellow crystal lamp that goes up in household money can increase host wealth.

2. Improve the peach blossom index
Pink element will be called romantic colour, pink crystal has the effect that enrols peach blossom more, pink crystal lamp is chosen in the bedroom, can boost energy, develop double effect, promote your peach blossom index.
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3. Long light is conducive to boost home life
The lamp that a night is bright stays in the home, can be used in nighttime access illumination already, the energy in can complement household again. After people go to sleep at night, the vitality of the home is reduced, and the ever-burning light can boost vitality.

3、 the lamp is acted the role of still have the function that change evil spirit

1. Resolve the bad gas field in the home
If the lighting in the home is not good, the layout is not reasonable, it is easy to leave some dark, damp corners, giving a person a gloomy feeling. The installation of lights in these areas, often on, can improve the bad aura.
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2. Fill the gap
There is a lot of lack horn phenomenon in modern door model, some are serious, some are slight, the door model that does not lack horn is rare instead. Lack the door model with serious horn, the fortune of the habitant can cause very adverse effect. If a bright lamp is installed in the direction of the missing Angle, it can play a certain degree of filling role.

3. Reduce the harm of beam top pressing
Beam press top is the big taboo that lives in geomantic, want to avoid as far as possible. But below the circumstance that cannot avoid, the two ends below beam install wall lamp, the lamplight that illuminates upward, can reduce, alleviate the adverse effect that beam presses the top to bring.


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