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Use Grow Light, Let Winter Jujube Grow Better

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Winter Jujube With Grow Light From Pan American

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Jujube, I believe we are more familiar with, eat the most should be red jujube, red jujube contains a large amount of sugar, protein, fat and various vitamins. Since ancient times, red dates have been listed as good health products. Eating more red dates can replenish qi, nourish the spleen and stomach, especially for women, eating more red dates can improve their beauty and fight aging. There is a jujube called winter jujube in many jujube, not because it is mature in winter, but because its mature time is September to November, the weather has been colder, so it is called winter jujube or frozen jujube.

Winter jujube is not only crisp and sweet, but also rich in vitamin C and vitamin P, as well as more vitamins A and E, rich in carbohydrates and cyclic adenosine phosphate, as well as some other trace elements. It has the effect of antialcoholism and has great benefits to the heart, cerebrovascular and liver.

Winter jujube can be eaten directly, steamed, or cooked to remove the core with small and medium-sized rice porridge to eat. Winter jujube is a common fruit in autumn and winter, but its price is not very cheap because of its high nutritional value, coupled with the fact that many of them are grown in greenhouses and the planting cost.

Winter jujube has a strong ability to adapt to temperature, a wide range of humidity, drought and waterlogging resistance, less strict requirements on soil, salt and alkali resistance, barren tolerance, but winter jujube has strict requirements on illumination in the process of growth.

The winter jujube is very light loving, so the growth of branches, leaves, fruits and roots of the winter jujube are all affected by attention. The intensity and duration of light directly affect photosynthesis, thus affecting growth and fruit. Insufficient light will affect the formation of flower buds, cause fruit dropping and reduce fruit setting rate during fruit development, and fruit color, sugar content and vitamin C content are also directly related to light. So when planting, we should pay attention to reasonable close planting, so as not to cause shelter between the plants, but also pay attention to pruning. If winter dates are planted in greenhouses, LED grow light supplement can be used to supplement the light when the light is insufficient.



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