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How To Choose a Grow Light For a Flower And Plant Shop?

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Now many flower shop people will use grow light for filling light, but there are many types of grow light, there are many factors in the selection, we should pay attention to a lot of.

1. The most important factor influencing the selection of supplementary light is the ambient light condition. If the illumination in the planting environment is very weak, we should pay attention to the illumination intensity of the supplementary light when choosing the supplementary light lamp. The power of the supplementary light lamp determines the light intensity, and the weak light intensity cannot provide a good illumination effect in the room with serious insufficient illumination.

2. In addition, we should also pay attention to the selection of the filling light spectrum. If it is closed at night, we can choose the red and blue filling light, which has better effect. If it is daytime, you need to fill the light, and you need to choose the full spectrum plant filling light, because the light of the red and blue filling light is pink, and people are prone to dizziness and nausea in this environment for a long time.

3. Flowers and green plants are relatively delicate, but the grow lights have heat, the more power, the stronger the heat, so pay attention to not to burn flowers and green plants when filling light. Florist planting space is limited, the distance between the plant supplementary light lamp and the green plants will be relatively close, so when choosing the supplementary light lamp, we should choose the supplementary light lamp with low calorific value, such as the LED plant supplementary light lamp, with low calorific value, which can be used in the planting industry on the planting shelf. Don't worry about burning the green plants. (Content from the network, if infringement, please contact delete)


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