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What Is A Full Spectrum Grow Light

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Full spectrum of grow light is developed to simulate the solar spectrum and beneficial to plant growth of lighting light source, the spectra in the visible light from the 380 nm blue parts to 780 nm red ratio is reasonable, and mimic the solar spectrum light curve shape, light color such as color of around 10 o 'clock in the morning sun, strong color, color temperature drift is small, high light efficiency, luminous flux.

In March 2013, Harbin Ferrisen Company successfully introduced the full spectrum plant lamp into the market and applied it in practice. The 150W Full Spectrum Plant Lamp is more than 5 200W incandescent bulbs (35W is more than 1 200W), which can completely meet the requirements of greenhouse plant light supplement.

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Solar spectrum

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Filson plant light spectrumFilson plant light spectrum

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Sodium lamp spectrum

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Spectra of energy-saving lamps

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LED grow light spectrum

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Incandescent lamp spectrum

It is not difficult to see from the spectrogram that although the spectra of incandescent lamps used by farmers for a long time are not evenly distributed, they are relatively comprehensive. Under the condition of reaching the illumination, they still have a certain effect on the growth of plants, but the light efficiency is too low, the energy consumption is large, and the service life is short. Sodium lamp, energy saving lamp, big curve change, uneven spectral distribution, LED plant lamp ratio of red and blue has certain advantages, but the spectrum and sunlight can not be compared, and high cost, light color purple is not beautiful, low brightness, full spectrum plant lamp, spectral distribution to simulate the solar spectrum, It is an ideal light source for landscape plants in agricultural greenhouses, agricultural scientific research institutes, agricultural ecological parks and large office places.

Function of light compensation point:
The light compensation point is the illumination value when the photosynthetic intensity and respiration intensity of the plant reach the same level.

Above the light-compensation point, photosynthesis exceeds respiration and organic material can be accumulated. Below the light compensation point, plant respiration exceeds photosynthesis and, instead of accumulating organic matter, consumes the stored organic matter.

If for a long time in the light compensation below the point, the plant gradually withered and died. As the temperature rises, respiration increases and the light compensation point rises.

Therefore, in the greenhouse plant cultivation, when the light is insufficient to avoid high temperature, in order to reduce the light compensation point, conducive to the accumulation of organic matter.

The light compensation point of the plant population is also higher than that of the single leaf, because there are many leaves in the population and shade each other. When the light intensity is weak, the upper leaves can still carry out photosynthesis, but the lower leaves have strong respiration and weak photosynthesis, so the light compensation point of the whole population rises.

Full spectrum grow light function:
Full spectrum grow light, is in accordance with the law of plant growth, the principle of simulating the ratio of solar spectrum, and developed with full spectrum of artificial light source, radiation range is wide, reaching above 100LM per watt, truly meet the requirements of green lighting.

For agricultural greenhouses, supplemental light can be enhanced at any time of day to always help plants with photosynthesis. Especially during the winter months, it can extend the effective lighting time. Whether at dusk or at night, it can effectively extend and scientifically control the light required by plants, without being affected by any environmental changes.

In the greenhouse or plant laboratory, can completely replace the natural light, to promote plant growth.

After the application test, the wavelength of the full spectrum plant lamp is very suitable for the growth, flowering and bearing of plants. General indoor plant flowers, will grow worse and worse with time, the main reason is the lack of enough light irradiation, if through suitable for the plant needs spectrum irradiation, not only can promote its growth, but also can prolong the flowering period, improve the quality of flowers and trees.

For the breeding of plants and flowers in the office halls of large enterprises, light filling is a big problem. Using the full spectrum low-power light filling lamp of Fernison can completely solve the problem and also play the role of landscape lighting. Because of the strong color rendering of the light source, the flowers and trees are brightly colored under the full spectrum light, giving people a beautiful and pleasing feeling.
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Full spectrum grow light features:
Carson company according to the plant growth light wavelength range and need for illumination and developed the full spectrum of plant growth lamp, the rational use of lamplight, not only can not suitable for plant growth under the condition of breeding and growth, and can speed up the breeding of crops and shorten the growth period of crops, exempt from the plant diseases and insect pests and malformation of fruit.

1. Full spectrum grow light is an artificial light source with full spectrum, and the light beam produced by it is most suitable for plant growth (chlorophyll, anthocyanin, carotene)

2. With the flooding effect of special floodlamps, the light effect is evenly distributed, and the light effect is twice that of other sodium lamps with the same wattage, and 7 times that of incandescent lamps.
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Full spectrum grow light source distribution:

(35W for each set, the best irradiation radius is 4-5 meters, the best installation height is 2-2.5 meters, the interval is 4-5 meters)

(70W for each set, the best irradiation radius is 5-6 meters, the best installation height is 2.5-3 meters, the interval is 5-6 meters)

(150W for each set, the best irradiation radius is 10 meters, the best installation height is 5-7 meters, the interval is 10-12 meters)

(each set of 250W, the best irradiation radius is 15-20 meters, the best installation height is 8-12 meters, the interval is 15-20 meters)

The principle of full spectrum grow light:
Light environment is one of the important physical environmental factors indispensable to plant growth and development. Controlling plant morphogenesis through light quality regulation is an important technology in the field of protected culture.

Full spectrum grow light:
Contains wavelengths from 400 to 420nm to help form anthocyanins and resist elongation of branches and leaves.

The wavelength of 450-460nm can thicken the stem and leaves, accelerate plant development and adjust stomatal opening.

The wavelength is 550nm, which promotes the growth of oxygen and helps the tissue to better store nutrients.

The wavelength of 580nm can promote the growth of root and early germination.

Wavelength 650 ~ 660nm, promote the overall growth of the plant, especially in the flowering and fruiting period, increase the growth rate (20 days earlier flowering, 30 days earlier harvest), also increase the number of fruit by 25% ~ 35%, and reduce the incidence of malformed fruit.

The low absorptivity of 720 ~ 1000nm stimulated cell elongation and affected flowering and seed germination.

In addition, the visible light of this product is a kind of electromagnetic wave, but also contains a small amount of ultraviolet light, which can effectively prevent diseases and insect pests.


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