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Introduction To Led Lamp Waterproof System

Writer:Jane Time:2021-04-08 Browse:84

Outdoor lamp production, lamp waterproof design is the key. At present, outdoor LED lamps are widely used, and LED lamps waterproof has become a key research topic. Let's take a look at the introduction of LED lamp waterproof system, mainly structural waterproof, material waterproof, sealing glue, sealing adhesive technology.

First, the structure of LED lamps is waterproof.
LED lamps based on structural waterproof design need to closely cooperate with silicone sealing ring waterproof, shell structure is more precise and complex, usually suitable for large size lamps, such as strip floodlights, square and circular projector lamps and other medium and high-power lamps. Structural waterproof lamps and lanterns are only assembled with pure mechanical structure, with simple tools, fewer assembly procedures and processes, short assembly cycle, and convenient and quick repair on the production line. The lamps can be packaged and shipped after passing the test of electrical performance and waterproof, which is suitable for engineering projects with short supply cycle.

Two, LED lamps and lanterns material waterproof.
The LED lamps and lanterns designed with waterproof materials are insulated and waterproof by filling and sealing adhesive, and the joints between structural parts are sealed by sealing adhesive, so that the electrical parts are completely air-tight and the outdoor lamps and lanterns are waterproof.

Three, LED lamps potting glue.
With the development of waterproof material technology, various types and brands of lamps and lanterns special potting sealants continue to appear, such as epoxy resin, polyurethane resin, organic silicone and so on. Different chemical formulations have different physical and chemical properties, such as elasticity, molecular structure stability, adhesion, UV resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, hydrophobicity and insulation performance.

Fourth, Sealing adhesive for LED lamps.
Sealant is usually tubular packaging, suitable for glue construction, generally used for wire ends, shell structural parts between the joint bonding and sealing. Commonly used single-group dispenser, reacts with air vapor at room temperature and solidifies naturally.


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