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LED Explosion-proof Lamp Classification And How To Choose

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Classification of explosion-proof lights
According to the explosion-proof type, the explosion-proof lamp can be divided into five main types: flameproof type, increased safety type, positive pressure type, non-spark type and dust explosion-proof type, and can also be combined or combined with special type by other explosion-proof type and the above kinds of explosion-proof type.

(1) Flameproof type D
All devices may be lit blow gas mixture components enclosed in a shell, the shell can withstand any shell joint surface or structure clearance, infiltrate into the inside of the shell of combustible mixture in the internal explosion damaged, and can guarantee the internal flame gas travels through the gap in lower energy, not enough to set off the shell of gas.

(2) Increased safety type E
Under the condition of normal operation does not produce the electrical equipment of the electric arc, spark some additional measures to improve its safety degree, prevent the internal and external components may appear dangerous temperature, electric arc and spark the possibility of explosion-proof type, further protection measures on structure, improve equipment reliability and safety performance.

(3) Positive pressure type P
Electrical equipment protects the static positive pressure within the system or maintains a continuous flow of air or inert gas to limit the entry of combustible mixtures into the housing by maintaining the pressure of the protective gas inside the equipment housing above the surrounding explosion-proof environmental pressure to safety. Take away the combustible gas that enters the housing when the inside of the equipment is not under positive pressure to prevent the formation of combustible mixture in the housing.

(4) This placement I
All the circuits inside the equipment are under the standard conditions (including normal operation and defined fault conditions), and any spark or effect generated by the equipment cannot ignite the intrinsically safe circuits in the defined explosion-proof gas environment.

(5) Pouring sealing type M
Will probably have an explosive mix inclusion ignition spark, arc or dangerous temperature part of electrical components, encapsulation in encapsulation agents (compounds), so that it cannot fire around explosive mixture using encapsulation measures, can prevent the electrical components short circuit and curing electrical insulation, avoid the spark of circuit and arc and dangerous temperature ignition of produce, It prevents the invasion of explosive mixtures and controls surface temperatures under normal and fault conditions.

(6) Oil-filled O
The whole equipment or parts of the equipment are immersed in the protective liquid L in the oil, so that it can not be exposed to the explosion-proof gas environment above the fuel surface or outside the shell.

(7) Sand-filled type Q
Protective type of electrical equipment in which the shell is filled with sand or other powder materials with specified characteristics so that the electric arc or high temperature generated in the shell can not ignite the surrounding explosive gas environment under specified operating conditions.

(8) Air tight type H
This type of explosion-proof equipment adopts air-tight shell. That is, the explosive gas mixture in the environment cannot enter the inside of the equipment housing. The air-tight enclosure is sealed by melting, extruding or gluing. The enclosure is mostly non-removable to ensure permanent tightness.

     Classification of explosion-proof lights
1) The selection of light source for explosion-proof lamps. Now the LED light source can be said to be the third generation of explosion-proof lamps. LED light source's energy saving, small size, light source combination is flexible, making the explosion-proof lamps market appeared a comprehensive update, can be said to be epoch-making. With the development of the LED market, the cost and price of LED explosion-proof lamps have been falling, and the performance has become more and more stable. LED explosion-proof lamps have now almost covered all the previous varieties of explosion-proof lamps. From the explosion-proof lights, explosion-proof floodlights, explosion-proof lamp, explosion-proof sign lights, explosion-proof street lamps, almost all the explosion-proof lamps use LED as the light source.

(2) the explosion-proof structure type of explosion-proof lamps should be determined according to the regional level and scope of the explosive gas environment, such as the flameproof lamps and lanterns must be used within the scope of 1 area; The fixed lamps in the zone can be flameproof and increased safety type, and the mobile lamps must be flameproof type. The class or group of the selected explosion-proof lamps should not be lower than the class and group of the explosive mixture in the explosive hazardous environment. At the same time to consider the impact of the environment on explosion-proof lamps, should meet the environmental temperature, air humidity, corrosion or polluting substances and other different environmental requirements. The protection grade and antiseptic grade of lamps and lanterns should be selected according to different environmental requirements. Especially in the presence of corrosive gas in explosive gas environment, the selection of lamps with corresponding anticorrosion performance is very important.


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