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Industrial Professional Lighting Process

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1.The origin of industrial lighting
This is also true in reality. As an agricultural country, China has been living in an agricultural society for thousands of years. It was not until many years after the Second Industrial Revolution that electric light was introduced into China, but it was only limited to the relatively open super-line cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Many rural areas did not know what electric light was in the 1990s, but now it is widely used.

No electricity, no industry, no industrial lighting. After having extensive and crude industry, also did not put forward a request to illumination, the lamp is illumination, also do not have industrial illumination. After the reform and opening up, China became the leading manufacturer of products, and it really entered the era of T industry 1.0, which put forward the requirements for lighting, but it was not industrial lighting in the true sense. We should not forget the lighting four parts of the world: civil (home) lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, professional lighting. There is also commercial lighting is the transitional lighting of Dingye lighting.

When incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps are used in the home, metal halogen lamps, halogen tungsten lamps and other high-power products can cover a larger range, stronger and farther, which is the first item of commercial lighting and industrial lighting. With the further development of the industry, the industry put forward long life, anti-corrosion, dustproof, explosion-proof, anti-blink and digital lighting requirements of the product came out, the real industrial lighting products can be considered as forming.

This period of similar professional lighting representative products are explosion-proof platform lamps, anti-glare floodlights, high ceiling lights and other products. In order to meet the anti-corrosion requirements, the product is basically made of aluminum + spray, glass and stainless steel. The light source is metal halide lamp and sodium lamp. The definition of explosion-proof is still relatively primary, and even some places with low requirements add a barbed wire cover to indicate that it is anti-explosion.

       2. The definition of professional lighting
With the development of The Times, the world's advanced and sophisticated technologies converged on China, and large enterprises were set up, such as steel enterprises, coal mines and metallurgical enterprises. Super-scale infrastructure such as stadiums, high-speed trains. The use of various high-end equipment, such as oil refining and chemical industry, has put forward the requirement of all-weather specialization for lighting.

The market demand is the pursuit of lighting people, with the international standard of explosion-proof requirements to manufacture, the lamp holder installed on the battery box is a working lamp, removed can also be matched to the safety helmet. The LED application was not turned on at the time, and the light source was a kind of tungsten halide, which was twice as bright as normal tungsten halide, and it used a lead-acid battery, and it was all plastic. At that time, the main supply of products for coal mines, is such a product after the promotion of the user after the trial on the joy, the brightness of the convenience is unprecedented, orders like snowflakes flying.

Of course, the explosion-proof working light was later upgraded to solid explosion-proof working light, replaced by IED light source, working time up to 20 hours. With the upgrading of the product, the headlamp was replaced by a miniature explosion-proof headlamp. Also known as wearing type strong light lamp. There are more and more kinds of working lights, A portable multifunctional light work light IW52B31JIW5281/1 tbad309abad309b, BXW8200A, BW6610A, magnetic adsorption light multifunctional magnetic light light work, portable magnetic working lamp, power grid maintenance special working light, working light, bright light work light, portable light projector.

From this, caused the concept of working lamp, according to the extension of personal portable, hand-held working lamp, team work light working lamp, representative products have portable mobile working lamp, explosion-proof working lamp, strong light searchlight. And large-scale productions! The omni-directional automatic lifting working lamp, omni-directional automatic floodlight working lamp. There is also the supply of remote control vehicle searchlight, car lift lights and other categories, each line of accurate docking of more than a variety of styles of working lights.

       3. Fixed professional lighting
With the improvement of the people-oriented safety standard requirements, in the promotion of professional lighting, a variety of working environment lighting standards have been introduced. For example, the coal petrochemical explosion-proof requirements have the initial version of G83836-2000, then upgraded to GB3836-2010 version, which specifies in detail the explosion-proof product design requirements, explosion-proof principle, such as flameproof D, intrinsical safety I, increase safety E, positive pressure P, pouring sealing M, oil immersion O, charge Q, air-tight H and so on. Accordingly also had eliminate square standard, railway standard. For example, the railway standard is referred to as the iron standard. The TB/10008-2006 version of the iron standard "Railway Electric Power Design Code" sets a unified standard for the lighting types, illuminance values and color rendering in the nighttime operating places such as passenger transport, freight transport, internal and external fields, communications, signals, maintenance, repair, public technical places and power distribution rooms.

Fixed professional lighting representative products are anti-dazzle floodlights, anti-dazzle street lights, shockproof lights, infield strong explosion-proof floodlights, explosion-proof floodlights, explosion-proof floodlights, explosion-proof floodlights, explosion-proof street lights, railway tunnel lights, LED railway tunnel lights. Four, LED professional lighting

The wheel of history walked to 2000, extensive industrial production began to be more refined, energy conservation, environmental protection, low sequence emission reduction mentioned the national strategy level. Professional lighting people take the lead in travel, the traditional high-power metal halide lamp, sodium lamp products are transformed into IED light source, at this time emerged LED explosion-proof lamp, LED explosion-proof desk lamp, LED explosion-proof floodlight, LED project-light, LED anti-dazzle desk lamp, LED anti-dazzle street lamp, LED high page lamp and other series of alternative products.

In order to minimize the production cost, according to the characteristics of LED products, in order to extend the service life of LED, various professional lighting friends business technology exchange, difficult to overcome. At the same time in order to further matters and users, but also innovative development of modular modular products and other innovative projects.


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