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What Methods Can Be Used To Identify The Quality Of Led Explosion-Proof Lamps

Writer:Jane Time:2021-07-20 Browse:173

Many new users of LED explosion-proof lights in the purchase of LED explosion-proof lights, it is difficult to distinguish the quality of the product. Most of the time these new users are through the introduction of the business and the price to measure the quality of LED explosion-proof lights, this method will be many times the high price of the business deceive or buy inferior explosion-proof lights, so for new users can also be through what aspects to distinguish the quality of LED explosion-proof lights?

1. LED explosion-proof lamp manufacturer:
The best way to distinguish the quality of LED explosion-proof lights is to understand the manufacturer of the product. If it is a regular and high-quality LED explosion-proof lights manufacturer, it can check the manufacturer's business license or other information through some query software or domestic commercial websites. If the year can not find a manufacturer's information, suggest you had better not to buy. Would you trust the products of a manufacturer you know nothing about?

2. LED explosion-proof light sign:
General LED explosion-proof lamps or explosion-proof products have an explosion-proof sign, which will contain the production date, model, trademark and explosion-proof certificate number given by the country. You can learn about this product through these. Some LED explosion-proof platform lamps will also have other instructions. Such as the working environment, installation location and other such as the use of attention.

On the contrary, those inferior LED explosion-proof lamps will normally only have the name, model and production date of the product, and will not have what trademark, certificate of qualification. Customers who buy these products will not know anything about the product you are buying. Some poor quality LED explosion-proof lights will not even have a logo.

Therefore, for users who do not know very much about LED explosion-proof lights, they must choose the explosion-proof lamp products produced by regular manufacturers, so as to buy high-performance products at a reasonable price, and provide a guarantee for the use of LED explosion-proof lights.


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