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What Kind Of Plant Fill Light Lamp Is Suitable For Fill Light To Vegetable Seedlings

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Pan American LED Grow Light

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Vegetables planted in greenhouses are either directly planted or planted seedlings. The growth of plants cannot be separated from light, so in order to ensure the healthy growth of seedlings, it is necessary to use plant supplementary light lamps to supplement light. And there are many kinds of plant filling light, how to choose when filling light for vegetables?

Many problems should be paid attention to when using plant supplementary light lamp to supplement light, such as the requirement of light intensity for the growth of vegetable plants, and the restriction of planting environment and space to supplement light conditions.

The power of the plant supplementary light lamp determines the light intensity, so when choosing the supplementary light lamp, if the vegetable is light-loving plant, when it is growing, it is necessary to choose the high-power supplementary light lamp. If it is a family growing vegetables, you can choose to use LED plant filling light. The size of the LED filling light is small, which is more suitable for the growth environment with limited space, and the LED filling light is more energy saving.

Planting seedlings on the plant cultivation shelf, you can choose to use the lamp type LED filling light, which can achieve the effect of filling light, but also can save space, and LED filling light heat less, can close contact with plants, will not cause damage to seedlings. If you are growing seedlings in greenhouses, you can choose any type of plant light supplement lamp, but pay attention to the intensity and time of light supplement when using. (Content from the network, if infringement, please contact delete)


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