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Whether Luminescent Effect Of Lamps And Lanterns Is Outstanding, This Place Has Decisive Effect

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LED lighting looks simple, but there is great wisdom in every part. Among them lamps and lanterns "face" -- guide light component, ordinary but decisive effect to luminous effect, how is it accomplished after all?

Pan American LED Panel Light
What is the light guide component of LED lamps?

LED chip is a one-way spreading point light source, which is not only used for direct illumination, but also makes the eyes feel uncomfortable. In order to ensure that the light is bright enough and soft and not harmful to the eyes, light guide components are needed to make the strong point light source into a uniform surface light source. The assembly comprises a light guide plate, a diffusion plate and a reflection plate.

Pan American LED Panel Light
How does the light guide unit act on the light?

Light guide plate is made of optical grade acrylic (PMMA) material with light transmittance of 93%, which can effectively absorb light. Its surface is engraved with precision light guide points by hot pressing, screen printing, laser engraving and other methods. The light will be refracted many times, so that the whole light guide plate becomes a luminous surface to efficiently control the distribution of light and improve the utilization rate of light.

Diffusion plate is to add diffusion agent particles in PMMA and other substrates, so that the light passing through refractive reflection and scattering in different directions, so that the beam Angle becomes 160° ~ 176° to get the plane light without glare, and at the same time, the light emitting dot of the light guide plate is atomized to avoid the eyes being stimulated by strong light.

The reflective plate is made of polished metal, and the exposed light is reflected back to the guide plate for secondary scattering, which not only avoids glare, but also improves the use efficiency of light.


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