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Lighting Act The Role Ofing: The Bright Spot Of Household Life

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Economic globalization has brought about fierce market competition and accelerated the pace of life at the same time. In such an era of pursuing personality, fashion, advocating health and quality, the home furnishing industry is always innovating while the economy is constantly strong and the material is constantly enriched. Housing has dominated financial markets in recent years, and home products have come back with it. A gens that buys a house hopes to decorate his home through the furniture of individual character, dwelling gens hopes the furniture with muti_function, human nature will improve household life. So below such market demand, "conformity furniture" can get people favor.
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Alleged conformity furniture, point to multifunctional furniture things namely, collection goes up in a furniture. For instance, the more popular lamp on the market nowadays acts the role of a product, it is an organic whole collection adornment, illumination, articles for daily use, although household adornment, it is household necessities of life. Traditional household illumination may be one room one lamp, and as the rise of living standard, household illumination blends in the droplight with luxurious crystal lamp, rich colour, wall lamp, and all sorts of household lighting that is more practical, energy saving, environmental protection is acted the role of.

With the personalized and high-end development of the decoration industry, lighting brands should not only meet the requirements of one-stop purchase, one-stop delivery, and one-stop installation of lamps, but also meet the requirements of intelligent, practical and systematic lighting, closely connecting lighting needs with daily life. Of course, this is not only to the lighting technology, high performance requirements, but also to the whole industry comprehensive quality of service put forward higher requirements.

With the large-scale implementation of low carbon economy and the implementation of government subsidies for the purchase of energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps and LED lighting have become the favorite of the lighting market. With the implementation of the green lighting plan in the eleventh five-year plan, the incandescent lamp phase-out plan is being implemented slowly. More and more consumers want LED lamps to be used everywhere, not just in engineering, transportation and commercial lighting.

How many romantic love fairy tales do not know to have happened below bright crystal lamp; In the era of fashion and creativity, happy desk lamp, World Cup football lamp will be the "stimulant" in life; Alarm clock lamp of small desk lamp, ceiling fan lamps and lanterns, round mirror is waited a moment, also make life adornment, necessity. With the technological progress, the music box induction light, kitchen and bathroom warm, cold light, photosensitive, thermal control light of human design, let you experience more relaxed, healthy lighting system.

The rapid development of lighting reflects the change of market demand. The investigation shows, at present 80% domestic lighting acts the role of illuminating consumption occupies the 10% above that decorates total cost generally, a few domestic lighting acts the role of consuming 3000 yuan or so, most family is as high as 5000 yuan of above. From this point of view, lighting consumption has become the leading role of furniture industry consumption, lighting out of the lighting service home tradition, toward the diversified, healthy development.

Health, economics, fashion household lighting lighting environment is the target of many consumers, and people decorate and decorate household environment, often the pursuit of luxury, high-grade, avant-garde, but often ignore the household lighting, should follow the principle of practical, healthy, to household decorates a style, indoor floor area, indoor height, to put the lamps and lanterns of different type, style products. While pursuing individual character colour adornment, also should consider contracted, natural light environment.


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