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The data is from past contract of the latest inspection report as assessed by independent third parties.

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Suppliers who have finished products in stock, with more than 40% ready to ship, and their on-time delivery rate is in the top 50% in the industry

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Suppliers who pass Quality Management System Certification, and have onsite materials or finished products inspected, as certified by independent third parties

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The data is from the latest inspection report assessed by independent third parties



dongguan Pan American electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional, comprehensive and global manufacturer of LED lighting, explosion-proof lighting and explosion-proof electrical appliances. Our company has more than 500 excellent employees and 50000 square meters of plant. With more than ten years of lighting industry experience and profound industry knowledge, Pan American has become a famous manufacturer in LED commercial lighting, led industrial lighting, UV lamp, plant lamp, industrial explosion-proof lamp, industrial explosion-proof electrical appliances and other fields. Pan American's success is based on core values: durability, safety and pro environment. We are committed to continuously upgrading and optimizing every existing product to provide the most reliable products to light up the world. The quality of Pan Am optoelectronic products will prove that it is always the first choice of every customer.Pan American focuses on providing industrial lighting and commercial lighting. After long-term efforts, Pan American electronics has obtained UL, CQC, IECEx, ul844, ATEX, ABS, EAC, NOM certification for different types of industrial lighting products. Pan American uses excellent technology to design and upgrade our lamps, and is committed to continuously improving the reliability and service life of our products...ABOUT US


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