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How Is The Inside And Outside Light Transmission Set In The Night View Lighting Project

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With the development of science and technology, in the urban construction in the form of glass curtain wall as building facade is gradually increasing, the main body of some building facade for large hidden frame glass curtain wall, only the top structure, at the bottom of the skirt building or borders facade for the solid wall form, etc, in this case, can be in building glass curtain wall of pervious to light lighting design, and outside the solid wall part of the design flood lighting, To form a contrast effect.

A single light source
A light source is set in each window, allowing the light source to directly penetrate the window. The light source can be point-shaped or linear, and the combination of the lighting effects of all the Windows of the building constitutes the overall night scene of the building. The composition of the unit light is relatively simple, suitable for small buildings.

More light
Multiple light sources are set in each window and combined into a pattern so that the light source can be directly exposed out of the window. This method provides content for the composition of unit light and makes the night scene of the whole building more hierarchical and varied, which is suitable for use on larger buildings.

Use a combination of internal transmittance and external projection
Some buildings take the glass curtain wall as the main component of the facade, while there are wide strip solid walls or metal panels between the glass; In some buildings, the main body of the facade is augmented structure, but a large number of neat Windows are arranged in between. For this kind of facade form, the glass window can be set in the form of light transmission, solid wall or metal frame plate is set in the form of external light projection, internal and external echo, complement each other. When using this lighting method, attention should be paid to the coordination and comparison of the two lighting methods, otherwise, the internal and external lighting effect similar will lead to the overall effect of inflexity and congestion, and the internal and external lighting effect difference or conflict may lead to the overall effect of chaos.

The inner light transmittance matches the building contour lighting
If the building has a beautiful outer contour line or there are some prominent and graceful components on the building facade, the line formed by line light source or point light source can be used to outline the outer contour of the building or component. At the same time with the building inside the light illumination, can also form a vivid lighting effect, at this time inside the light should be used to illuminate the whole room in the form, so that the effect can form a better contrast and supplement.


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