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How To Choose The LED Explosion Proof Light Source?

Writer:Jane Time:2021-06-07 Browse:81

Many customers do not know how to choose the light source when buying explosion-proof lamps. Explosion-proof lamps refer to the shell explosion-proof, the internal light source can be freely selected according to the demand. For example, the BAD series explosion-proof lamps can be equipped with metal halide lamps, energy-saving lamps and incandescent lamps. Here's how to choose the light source.

1.according to the illumination
High standard of illumination: high intensity gas discharge is generally a very economic choice.
Exception: when lamps must be placed within the operator's normal visibility, low - light sources such as fluorescent lamps should be used.
Low standard of illumination: all light sources can be considered.
Exception: Medium or high installation, high intensity discharge lamp general choice.

2.maintenance feasibility
High intensity discharge lamps should be used in environments that are difficult to maintain because of the long life of the light source.

3. Working hours
In the annual working time of more than 2000 hours, the use of high intensity gas discharge lamp and fluorescent lamp is more economic; Incandescent bulbs are economical for work hours of less than 2000 hours per year.

4. Other factors
When the energy cost is high, high intensity discharge lamps are usually economical.
Safety: emergency lights and places that need frequent switching, because of the slow restart of high intensity gas discharge lamps, generally not used.


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