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What Are The Global Certifications For Explosion-proof Lamps?

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Explosion-proof certification is used to confirm the equipment conforms to the requirements of explosion-proof standards, type tests and routine tests for adaptation and issue relevant certificates of qualification. The certificate may be for EX equipment or EX components.
Equipment and protective systems used in explosive gas environments must comply with a number of regulations, standards and directives before they can enter the global trade market.

      At present, the global scope of explosion-proof certification is how to classify?

1. ATEX certification of the European Union, using EN standard
The ATEX Explosive Protection Directive 2014/34/EU, which regulates equipment and protection systems used in potentially explosive environments, is a mandatory regulation among Member States of the EU. Dangerous sites or explosion-proof equipment intended to be installed in the EU must comply with ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU. The ATEX Directive ensures the free movement of goods throughout the EU by harmonizing compliance procedures. Once the product has passed the instruction and obtained the conformity certification, it can be affixed with the CE mark and EX mark pattern.

2. IECEX certification by International Electrotechnical Commission, using IEC standard
The purpose of IECEX certification is to establish an international certification system for explosion-proof products, to achieve a unified standard, certificate and logo for explosion-proof products in the audit, and through the mechanism of multinational licensing, so that conforming products can quickly enter the markets of various countries, and thus promote international trade. Under the IECEX system, only accredited certification bodies (EXCB) and inspection laboratories (EXTL) are accepted for the certification of the system.

3. The CU-TR certification in the CIS region (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan) adopts standards similar to IEC
Custom Union Technical Regulation Certification (Custom Union Technical Regulation Certification), also known as the Customs Union Technical Specification Certification, its Certification mark is EAC, so the English abbreviation is Cu-TR Certification or EAC Certification. Since February 15, 2013, the EAC (Eurasian Compliance) Ex certification is required in order to gain access to the Customs Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan) for products from hazardous sites. The EAC EX certificate shows that it is in compliance with the Technical Code Directive for Safety of Explosion-proof Equipment of the Customs Union Technical Regulation TP TC 012/2011.

4. North America (US and Canada)
North American local such as UL, FM and other explosion-proof certification, mainly using NEC local standards.

5.China explosion-proof certification
China compulsory product certification (hereinafter referred to as CCC certification) is to protect national security, to prevent fraud, to protect human health or safety, to protect animal and plant life or health, to protect the environment and the development of the mandatory certification standards, the national provisions of the relevant products must be certified and marked with certification marks, It may not be used until it is left the factory, sold, imported or used in other business activities.

According to the State Administration for Market Regulation No. 34 in 2019, since October 1, 2019, explosion-proof electrical products into the scope of CCC certification management. Since October 1, 2020, explosion-proof electrical products have not obtained the compulsory product certification certificate and not marked the compulsory certification mark, shall not be factory, sales, import or used in other business activities.

Explosion-proof electrical products CCC certification catalog includes Ⅰ class, TYPE AND GEN class explosion-proof electrical products, product categories include: explosion-proof motor; Explosion-proof electric pump; Explosion-proof distribution equipment products; Explosion-proof switch, control and protection products; Explosion-proof starter products; Explosion-proof transformer products; Explosion-proof electric actuator, solenoid valve products; Explosion-proof plug device; Explosion-proof monitoring products; Explosion-proof communication and signal devices; Explosion-proof air conditioning and ventilation equipment; Explosion-proof electric heating products; Explosion-proof accessories, EX components; Explosion-proof instrument products; Explosion-proof sensor; Safety gate products; Explosion-proof instrument box products.

The CCC certification mode of explosion-proof electrical products is: type test + initial factory inspection + supervision after obtaining the certificate. Certification certificate valid for five years, the validity of the certificate depends on the maintenance of the supervision after the certificate.

China explosion-proof certification according to the product applicable environment, electrical equipment characteristics, protection type, there are different classification. For example, it can be divided into electrical explosion-proof certification and non-electrical explosion-proof certification, and can be divided into gas explosion-proof certification and dust explosion-proof certification.

The classification of explosion-proof standards are: 1. Electrical equipment used in explosive gas environment; 2. Electrical equipment for combustible dust environment; 3. Non-electrical equipment for explosive environment.

6. ECASEX of the United Arab Emirates
ECASEX (Emirates Conformity Assessment System Ex) is developed by the Emirates Authority For Standardization & Metrology Compulsory certification is required for electrical equipment used in potentially explosive environments. ECASEX Certificates are valid for one year.

7.INMETRO in Latin America
The INMETRO mark, which is administered by the National Audit Organization in Brazil, is mandatory and manufacturers are required to apply for INMETRO certification in accordance with the local decree, Portaria 179:2010, which regulates the use of equipment in dangerous places.

8. Taiwan of China TS
"Ministry of Labor, Executive Yuan" entrusts industrial technology research institute of financial group to carry out the type test of explosion-proof products according to CNS 3376 series regulations, and issues the explosion-proof qualification certificate. IECEX certificates and reports are also accepted to enter the Taiwan market by means of transfer.

9. Australia ANZEx
Australia (Australia and New Zealand) recognizes the IECEX certificate directly.

10. TIIS, Japan
Japan industrial safety technology association (TIIS) for the Japanese ministry of health, labor designated explosion-proof electrical equipment verification institutions. If the holder of IEC 60079 related certification certificate, test report and technical documents, the application shall be handled in written review, and the repeated test shall be exempted. The validity period of the certificate of conformity for type verification is 3 years.

11. South Korea KCs
If the manufacturer has obtained the IECEX certificate, it can apply for the Korean KC certificate with the certificate, test report and technical documents, or it can be exempted from repeated tests. There are three major organizations that issue KC certificates: KGS, KOSHA and KTL. The certificate holder must be a company registered in Korea.

12. Saudi Arabia SASO
A Certificate of Conformity (CoC) issued by a certification body authorized by the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) provides access to Saudi Arabia in accordance with the IECEX certificate.


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