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1. Advanced service awareness: control from the source of design and raw material procurement, and apply new ideas, new materials, new technologies and new processes to ensure the service quality of the enterprise. Requires research and development of each product review, fully meet the needs of the city's environment and post habits, the demands of each link, the craft is advanced, reliable quality, to ensure the scientific and standardized in the process of assembly, transit is signed with the third party logistics through the lancet cooperation agreement, bundled development guarantee safe and reliable in transit. The real service is the long-term maintenance of lamps and lanterns, through the establishment of product purchase files, resolute performance of a three-month return visit, half a year to eliminate shortages, a year of maintenance, to ensure that the lamps and lanterns in the warranty period for a long time normal work. The company's centralized services such as spring and autumn inspection are the concrete embodiment of Pan American's service consciousness.

      2.perfect service system, starting from the source of research and development, to raw materials procurement, product manufacturing, quality inspection, logistics transportation design and installation of lamps and lanterns use until late, efforts to build and improve the whole service system, guarantee the timely and efficient services, such as small batches, unconventional products, the company through the establishment of internal quick response mechanism, Timely feedback from the front line of the market, special personnel follow up from the technical research, the production of mobile team, sales management department focus on the delivery of special packaging, special delivery, multi-department linkage to fully ensure customer demand; For example, in product development, we should collect market demands through the antennae of the front-line market and feedback them to the R&D center, rather than building behind closed doors, so as to ensure that every product developed becomes an industry-standard product to meet the needs of the market. The market line is through the network coverage throughout the country's various prefecture-level cities and counties, led by the director of the center, the service department extended to specific units, to ensure that all kinds of customer service needs can be timely anti-steamed and implementation.

      3. Practical service capability: Standardization, reliable quality, pursuit of value-added service, and resolute large-scale personnel training at all levels make Pan Am different from all other manufacturers in the industry, and also improve the service capability of all staff in Pan Am rapidly. The company follows the principle of choice, college diploma or above accounts for 90%, the average quality of personnel reaches the high standard in the industry, plus the ability, the ordinary, the mediocre under the assessment mechanism, so that the overall service ability of the enterprise to reach the top of the industry.


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