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At the moment of global economic crisis in 2020, the company makes full use of its resource advantages, layout of the international market and development of the domestic market, so that the company will maintain the development trend unchanged.


Steady growth, in the face of the global situation, increase product research and development efforts, increase the competitive advantage of products, innovation and reform, the future steady and steady, continuous progress.

Constantly increase the investment in research and development, expand the multi-field, multi-scene lighting and electrical research and development, and obtain a number of technical patents, the company's performance growth rate for three consecutive years reached more than 30%. To lay a solid foundation for the development of enterprises.

Sailing a new journey, committed to energy - saving products manufacturing and sales. Obtained a number of LED product design patents, and expanded the production capacity, production increased to a number of categories, such as indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, industrial lighting, plant lighting, commercial lighting, explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof appliances and other research and development.

Increase the proportion of input, expand the scale, increase the intensity of production, so that the output has increased, and formulate the development plan. Initiate LED research and development, research and integrate all resources, and lay a foundation for subsequent LED sales. Double performance on a 15-year basis.

After two years of operation, achieved good results, output value of more than 100 million. And maintain good development, the market steadily improved.

Established a production factory, committed to the field of lighting production and sales, the enterprise through the difficult initial stage of entrepreneurship. Sowed a seed for the enterprise to become a tree.


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